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Aquariums: How did it started?

Egyptians kept some fish species in this cold water vessels | Source:

All of us have seen an aquarium. Many people love to have it, and you can find it everywhere at a party, a restaurant, a friend’s house and even in a local business.

The word ‘aquarium’ comes from the Latin etymologies ‘Aqua’, meaning water and ‘rium’, means place or building. Basically, a freshwater aquarium is a water building!

Brief Historical Background of Fish Aquarium

Modern form of home freshwater aquariums was developed in the 1850’s, but the concept of keeping fish in “water building” is actually very old. Even the Sumerians had a way of keeping their fish: they had a pond in which they kept wild fish until they are ready to have it on dinner.

As for the fishes, Goldfish and the Koi were bred as far back 2,000 years ago in China and during the Song dynasty, goldfish were kept in ceramic. Even in ancient Egyptian art, it is possible to trace the existence of an Egyptian version of an aquarium-Fish were kept in rectangular temple pools, which something unique and interesting.

Fish Keeping

Keeping fish as a hobby was known to people before the First World War (during the late 1800’s and in the beginning of the 20th century). While you could see fish tanks at museums, zoos and more spacious places like public aquarium with modern lighting and the filtration, still many people keep fishes as pet inside their home.


Detroit Aquarium 1890-1910 | Source:

As the fish keeping began to gain popularity, private companies see this as a profitable venture and come up with a unique and interesting accessories and amenities that makes possible for fishes to put into tanks. There was also an intensive research made to create efficient ways to keep fish healthy, and their environment clean.

These are the main reason why we have access to many options and choices when it comes to aquariums. You could choose from different aquariums ornaments and requirements – stones, plants, trucks, stars and a great array of tropical fishes – to make your freshwater aquarium set up unique, interesting and yes, even fun.

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