Benefits and Drawbacks in using Fish bowls to house fish pets

If you are a fish lover, you might want to start keeping fish now. But you wonder what you’d go for, a large tank or try the basics – fish bowl. Below are the things you need to know when choosing to keep fish in a fish bowl.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll acquire when you keep a fish bowl:

•             Fish bowls are non expensive although some are costly but not as expensive as a fish tank.

•             Fish bowls are known for being tiny and cute that allows you to limit your stock of fish which is good since overstocking is never good.

•             Since fish bowls are small therefore they are not heavy even if they are filled so you can easily transfer them in any location you want inside your house or office. Their tiny size makes it simpler for owners to change the water in it because they can bring it to their water source.

•             Fish bowls are great for kids and for those who are new in fish keeping because they are not complicated to handle.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks when keeping your fish in a fish bowl.

•             Fish bowls are too tiny for almost fishes since they grow bigger when they mature.

•             There is no room for any filtration system in a fish bowl; it will only make your fish bowl crowded. And according to studies, a fish tank needs a filtration system for it to help the inhabitants to survive. If you enjoy watching other fish tanks with many fishes then you’ll get bored with fish bowls. You cannot stock a number of fish inside a fish bowl because they are small as what have been mentioned over and over again. Clean water is necessary in maintaining an aquarium so you need to change the water so often.

•             Don’t you ever try keeping a saltwater fish in a fish bowl, this isn’t a good idea. Most of the aquarium hobbyists would not prefer using a fish bowl to accommodate their fish while cleaning their huge aquariums.

Despite all these disadvantages, there are still many people who were able to manage their fish bowl successfully. It’s not how big or small is the aquarium, but it’s how you care for it and for all living organisms inside it.

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