Better Option for Kids Aquarium: The Acrylic or Glass?

why can fish can't have the choice?

When parents buy an aquarium for kids, this is the frequent question parents asked. Which is the better material used for my kids aquariums. Should I go for Acrylic or the Glass one?


Aquariums made of glass are relatively inexpensive when compared to acrylic aquariums. This all depend, however, on the size and on your aquarium distributor.


Manufacturers give a long warranty period on acrylic aquarium relative to glass aquariums. Most glass Aquariums is warranted for 90 days and some for a year depends on the sellers.

Weight and Durability

Acrylic is lighter than glass and is much easier to move from one place to another. It is also much stronger than the glass. It could stand high pressure relative to its counterpart. The glass aquariums are a bit heavy to transfer. Moving a large glass aquarium could be stressful sometimes.


It is true that Acrylic aquariums are easy to get marks and scratches from sharp objects and other elements that dash the glass; however, it could be erased using Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit. The glass, on the other hand, is not easily mark but the scratches in the glass are permanent.


Glass is held together by a silicone sealant, which can wear out over time, but can be resealed. Acrylic, however, is bonded together by applying a solvent to the seam and melting the Acrylic together forming two pieces into one. It has been proven that the joint of an Acrylic Fish Tank is stronger than the adjacent material.


The Acrylic could be drilled easily. You could drill holes into any acrylic made objects like Acrylic Aquariums without the help of the experts. Drilling a Glass Aquarium is too risky and requires the proper tools and technique. Thus, it is easier to customize acrylic aquariums when compared to glass aquariums.

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